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Why travelling with a bus?

  • Buses are the safest means of transportation after trains; they are way safer than cars.
  • Buses will take you to your specific destination, while planes and trains can only take you close to the place you wish to visit. Buses have great mobility and allow you to move around in an immediate and flexible way. 
  • Renting a bus is cheap; in general, for the same number of people, it costs half of the price of travelling by plane.


What should you ask when you rent a grand tourism bus?

  • Based on how long your trip is, if you think that it may be longer than 8 consecutive hours, you should ask how many drivers will be assigned to you. 
  • Does the cost indicated in the quote comprehend toll fees and parking fees?
  • Is there a penalty to pay if you cancel the service?
  • Who is responsible for the food and hotel expenses of the drivers?
  • What happens if the bus has a problem?